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Category: Racial justice

Out Of The Margins Ep. 9: Transformational Solidarity in the Immigrant Rights Movement

By Leticia Peguero on April 12, 2018

We speak with immigration advocates Rose Cahn of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and Marielena Hincapié of the National Immigration Law Center about … Read More >

Out Of The Margins Episode 8: Fighting Harsh Immigration in Arizona

By Leticia Peguero on March 15, 2018

Frederick Douglass told us that “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Our guests in this episode of Out Of The … Read More >

Out Of The Margins Episode 6: Reducing Violent Crime Without Prison

By Leticia Peguero on December 21, 2017

Today’s guest on Out Of The Margins is Danielle Sered. She and Leticia discuss how Danielle’s organization, Common Justice, develops and advances solutions … Read More >

Out Of The Margins Episode 4: Crisis in Puerto Rico

By Leticia Peguero on October 24, 2017

*Recorded on October 6, 2017* Two weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged the United States territory of Puerto Rico, the island is experiencing a … Read More >

“Las Caras Lindas”: A reflection on Charlottesville and white supremacy

By Leticia Peguero on August 16, 2017

My favorite rendition of the song, “Las Caras Lindas,” is by Afro-Boricua icon and singer Ismael Rivera. Translated literally, he calls us to love … Read More >