Applied Purpose

Applied Purpose is an innovative practice that is intrinsic to Andrus Family Fund’s grantmaking process. In order to realize the social change we seek, we must be responsive to the needs of our grantee partners. Unbound by constrictive frameworks and models, our philosophy is simple: Do what works. When we work with our partners, we can harness our collective knowledge, connections and resources for an even greater impact while enhancing the granter/grantee relationship.

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Who knows best how to tackle our society’s most dire social justice problems? Those organizations on the front lines doing the work. That is why we value our grantee partners’ inputs on how to best leverage our resources to advance their missions.


Our grantee partners can tap into our network of resources to cultivate programs and broaden their reach. Together, we can put those resources to work for an ever greater impact.


AFF is committed to strengthening organizations and fostering their success. With flexible support—such as multi-year grantmaking and leadership development—grantee partners can experience long-term benefits.


Working side by side, we can strategize tactics that will address organizational gaps informed by our grantee partners. Using our experience working with various causes and nonprofits, we can help facilitate change and growth.