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This political moment calls for imagination and vision beyond reforms from the status quo. Young people are being politicized and tapping into a new imagination— from living through trauma caused by the carceral state to reading books, joining organizations and attending and organizing protests and community events. The Visionary Freedom Fund seeks projects or organizations that are building power, developing or cultivating new visions, ideas or frameworks developed by directly impacted young people, and/ or organizations who are already leading transformative work to apply for a grant.

The grantmaking realizes the crisis young people, specifically Black, Brown and Native communities are facing. We are intentionally choosing not to list issue priorities, understanding the deep intersections that exist. Applicants could choose to focus on a particular body of work (healing justice, gender justice, housing, institutions such as schools or prisons) or take a community approach that builds upon political education or community building. The grants should advance communities or organizations creating or moving to visionary action that seeks to transform individuals, institutions or communities.

Grant dollars are general operating with an emphasis for funding for organizations that are often left out of traditional philanthropic giving. BIPOC youth communities will be prioritized.

The Power Table will make final decisions before July 1, 2021 and will reach out to selected applicants then. We thank you in advance for your patience as we process your proposal.

Grant Information

  1. Grants range from $25,000 – $100,000 for one to two years
  2. The Power Table will distribute approximately $1 million in grants. We hope to raise additional dollars for additional cycles
  3. Grants are available to 501c3 organizations, organizations who are fiscally sponsored and for organizations who do not have a 501c3
  4. All grants will be approved by the Power Table
  5. Application deadline: February 26, 2021


Application Eligibility/Requirements:

  1. Organizations or projects led by Black, Indigenous or People of Color
  2. Organizations or projects where leadership is impacted by carceral state, criminal legal system and/or in systems of criminalization
  3. Organizations or projects that are led by young people:
    1. Young people in decision-making leadership roles, not just staff or organizers
    2. Young people seen as visible leaders of the work
  4. Organizations or projects that seek transformative change
  5. Organizations or projects that center the needs and visions of young people
  6. Organizations or projects that are accountable to movement and community

To Apply

After your full application is received you will receive an email confirming that it is received. Access a PDF of our RFP here and application here.


Upload a narrative that tells us about your proposal (this could be a video application, written document, or something of your choosing that tells us about your proposal)


Tell us about how your proposal will sustain the people who are leading the work


Submit a budget

Questions about this proposal or application? Email us!