Meeting Goals

Andrus Family Fund, select partners and funders came together on June 20, 2019 to share and reflect on preliminary data from AFF’s new outcomes and evaluations framework. Our work together included exploring the current state of youth justice and child welfare, assessing changes and trends, identifying gaps or needs and finding opportunities for impact.




Current Opportunities and Barriers to Racial Justice

Dmitri Holtzman and Jennifer Arwade present.

Capacity Needs

Hasan Williams presents; group discussion follows.

Resources for Movement Building

Gabrielle Horowitz Prisco and Matt Rosen present; group discussion follows.

Long Term Visions for Transformation

Karen Marshall presents.

Building Trust

Kesi Foster presents.

Obstacles to Capital and Fundraising

Monica Cordova and Alejandra Ruiz present.

Closing Remarks

Andrus Family Fund's Interim Director, Manuela Arciniegas, speaks.