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Out Of The Margins: Reducing Violent Crime Without Prison

Today’s guest on Out Of The Margins is Danielle Sered. She and Leticia discuss how Danielle’s organization, Common Justice, develops and advances solutions to violence that transform the lives of … Read More >


Out Of The Margins: Stop Sentencing Kids to Life in Prison

In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life-without-parole sentences for children are unconstitutional. However, more than a dozen states still sentence kids to live the rest of their lives … Read More >


“El Negro Bembón:” Puerto Rico’s Invisibility Crisis Before and After Hurricane Maria

I am yet again drawn to the musical wisdom of Afro-Boriqua singer Ismael Rivera and composer Cortijo as I reflect on a national crisis. While its melody is upbeat and … Read More >


Out Of The Margins: Crisis in Puerto Rico

*Recorded on October 6, 2017* Two weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged the United States territory of Puerto Rico, the island is experiencing a humanitarian crisis of historic proportion. In this … Read More >


Out Of The Margins Podcast: Realizing Youth Justice

In today’s podcast, we hear from Liz Ryan of Youth First about her advocacy work to close youth prisons and realize justice for America’s incarcerated children. Click the play button … Read More >


Out Of The Margins Podcast, Episode 2: Education Justice is Racial Justice

Today’s podcast features Allison Brown, “peaceful warrior” and Executive Director of the Communities for Just Schools Fund. Listen as she unpacks the injustices that disproportionately impact children of color in our schools … Read More >


Out Of The Margins Podcast, Episode 1: Philanthropy Gets Real

Andrus Family Fund Board Chair Kim Kaupe talks about the intersection of philanthropy and business, living your mission and how AFF is breaking the family fund mold. Click the play … Read More >