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Applying Our Purpose Through Our Board

At AFF, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to better serve our grantee partners. Our grantmaking process and new capacity-building program are examples of how our unconventional approach is reactive … Read More >

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“Las Caras Lindas”: A reflection on Charlottesville and white supremacy

My favorite rendition of the song, “Las Caras Lindas,” is by Afro-Boricua icon and singer Ismael Rivera. Translated literally, he calls us to love “the beautiful faces of my black people.” … Read More >

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100 Years of Philanthropy and Connection

This year, we are thrilled to celebrate the centennial of the Surdna Foundation, Andrus Family Fund’s parent foundation. AFF’s Program Associate, Jennifer Kaizer, reflects on the history of Surdna and … Read More >

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Questions We Need to Ask in Philanthropy

A couple of months ago, while the weather was still cold, I jumped on an Amtrak train headed to an even colder Boston for the Center for Effective Philanthropy conference. … Read More >

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Capacity Building Through Deep Listening: Introducing SOAR

After more than three years of deep listening to our grantee partners, we are excited to launch a new capacity-building program called SOAR: Sustaining Organizations; Augmenting Resilience. Here are some … Read More >


Coming Together for Justice: Lisa Thurau

Lisa Thurau, Executive Director of Strategies for Youth, discusses youth organizing, overcoming oppression, and compromising in an unjust society at Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016.


Coming Together for Justice: Kim McGill

Organizer Kim McGill of the Youth Justice Coalition shares her thoughts on the importance and challenges of “freedom fighter” work at Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016.


Coming Together for Justice: Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan of Youth First Initiative talks about the injustices of youth prisons as a catalyst for why they should be abolished at Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016.