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Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016 Hackathon Day 1

A group of young collaborators brainstorm app ideas at Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016’s Hackathon Day 1.


Tia Martinez at Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016

Tia Martinez of Forward Change Consulting shares her wish for the world for her children and grandchildren with us at Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2016.


Out Of The Margins Podcast, Episode 1: Philanthropy Gets Real

Andrus Family Fund Board Chair Kim Kaupe talks about the intersection of philanthropy and business, living your mission and how AFF is breaking the family fund mold. Click the play …

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Lessons Learned: Reflections on PolicyLink’s Equity Summit 2015, Part 2

Last week I highlighted some of the major lessons I learned at PolicyLink’s Equity Summit. Below are a few additional insights that will inform my work with AFF in the …

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Lessons Learned: Reflections on PolicyLink’s Equity Summit 2015

In October of 2015, I packed my bags and headed to sunny California to join over 3000 organizers, policy advocates, artists, academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and civic officials concerned with bringing …

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Creating Opportunity: Working Together to Build an Inclusive Workforce

In our last blog post, we identified the skills gap that contributes to America’s double digit youth unemployment rate. We also saw how grantee partner LeadersUp is closing the skills …

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Creating Opportunity: Connecting 5.5 Million Youth to Careers

In our last blog series, we saw how our grantee partners are working together to disrupt inequity in New Orleans in order to create a more just city for its …

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Disrupting Inequity to Heal, not Harm: Transforming NOLA’s Juvenile Justice System

Previously in this blog series, we learned how grantee partners BreakOUT! and YEP are creating a more equitable New Orleans through their individual work and collectively as partners. Now, we …