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AFF is looking for a new Director

Click here to learn more about the Director position from our search group, Koya Partners.


Movement Partner Spotlight: Youth First Initiative

Hernan Carvente Martinez of Youth First Initiative explains what abolition means to him, what a world without youth prisons looks like and what it will take to get there. 


Movement Partner Spotlight: Movement for Family Power

Erin Miles Cloud of Movement for Family Power explains how dismantling the child welfare system fits within the wider abolitionist movement and the intergenerational impact of supporting families through community … Read More >


Movement Partner Spotlight: YWFC

Listen to Jessica Nowlan of Young Women’s Freedom Center speak about the importance of investing in systems-impacted youth leadership and building collective power in the abolitionist movement.


Movement Partner Spotlight: CURYJ

George Galvis and Xochtil Larios of CURYJ speak about the power of restorative justice, youth leadership and organizing in the abolitionist movement.


Strategic Refresh 2022

Blog Posts

The Next Evolution of Andrus Family Fund

Dear Movement Partners: I have two pieces of exciting news to share with you. The first is about the Andrus Family Fund’s strategic refresh, and the second is about my … Read More >

Blog Posts

Visionary Freedom Fund featured in Fast Company

“When it came to a new round of funding from the Andrus Family Fund, the foundation wanted to do something different. As part of its 20th anniversary, it launched the … Read More >