Andrea Vazquez Jimenez on Removing Cops from Schools in Toronto

We believe removing law enforcement from schools is a step in the right direction to fostering a safe learning environment for young people of color. While the movement grows in the United States, it has already been implemented in Canada.

During Education Anew: Shifting Justice 2018, we had the opportunity to speak with Andrea Vasquez Jimenez of LAEN Toronto about how her organization spearheaded the movement to remove school resource officers from Toronto District Schools.

Learning Session: The Role that Trauma-Informed Interventions Play Working with Police

AFF’s learning sessions are an opportunity to highlight the work of our grantees and other leaders in the field, as well as a chance to help convene funders and practitioners to continue learning. Through these sessions, we seek to create a learning community that can help advance effective practices in service of all young people.

This first session focuses on the role that trauma-informed interventions play in the work that these particular partners do in working with police to reduce violence in communities and repair community and police relations with young people.

We are joined by Vaughn Crandall of California Partnerships for Safer Communities, Fatima Muhammad of Equal Justice USA and Pastor Mike of the PICO National Network.