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A Time For Change

By Leticia Peguero on October 15, 2014

I’m excited to announce a new chapter in the history of the Andrus Family Fund. As Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  At the Andrus Family Fund we do not believe that we alone can make any substantial change – change happens in partnership and in community. I hope that with our new focus we will begin to help create many ripples in the areas we care about so that real change can take root.

We have a fresh look and a new focus. Why the change? As an organization, we’ve evolved to better achieve our mission. We’re fostering potential and unlocking promise for youth and young adults and the organizations that serve them. We want to invest in partnerships with young people, organizations and systems that help create lifelong personal, family and community connections which lead to successful and productive adulthoods. We want to support organizations whose work directly connects youth to the people and services they need to become self-sustaining and resilient. We will work closely with all of our grantees to advance and advocate for programs and policies that are proven to create more equitable systems. We will continue to support organizations that utilize community organizing as a tool to remove barriers and create social change.

But it’s not about us. It’s about who we serve – our grantees. It’s about the work they do and the lives they impact. As you peruse our updated site, I hope this will be evident. Each and every page features youth from our grantee partners, so we never forget what’s at stake. We believe that every young person deserves more than one chance at a successful life.

Part of our evolution is taking our cause to communities near and far. Being more vocal about the issues that make young people vulnerable is the first place to start. That’s why we’re embracing social media, using photos and videos to put a face to the important work our grantees do every day. Please follow us and join the movement that puts our youth and young adults at the center of change!

The future is full of possibility. I’m proud of what AFF has achieved over the past 14 years, and I’m really looking forward to our progression. There’s lots of work to be done and we’re honored to be at the forefront of change.